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About Mwimbi

Mwimbi specializes in contemporary art in Africa and Asia. Based in Hong Kong, Mwimbi is active internationally through our collaborators and partners. We are an art consulting and educational entity serving business, institutions and the creative sectors. Through the Mwimbi Art educational platform, we provide and encourage contemporary art appreciation and support in acquisition and collecting.


With a strategic focus on African Contemporary Art, the Mwimbi is associated with major institutions, museums, galleries and reputable advisory firms located in Asia, Africa and Europe. Naturally this has placed Mwimbi at an advantage and has access to some of the best of African Contemporary art and culture.

We advise private and corporate collectors on buying, selling and managing their art assets through exhibitions and other platforms. If you are looking to build a collection, Mwimbi will do all due diligence before the purchase. If you are looking to sell, Mwimbi provides you with selling options, and will negotiate on your behalf. We also provide advice on how to best manage your art assets to ensure protection of their condition and value. We source artworks for corporations including real estate firms, interior designers and hotels. We also provide curatorial services and exhibition support.

Mwimbi has developed a successful criteria-based assessment, which evaluates individual artworks so each client gets a balanced portfolio to suit their investment needs. Only artists with a proven track record and high popular demand are evaluated, ensuring that its recommendations make both financial and most importantly cultural sense. Our relationships with galleries, art dealers, auction houses, collectors and artists will help to ensure that you have every possible advantage as you begin the process of buying or selling a work of art.

Our Services

We work one-on-one with you to establish collecting goals and build and manage your collection with confidence. We perform all due diligence on your behalf, from price research, to condition assessment, to negotiations, to transportation of the work. We assure that every step of the buying process is seamless so that you may enjoy your collection without having to worry about it.

Mwimbi also has an extensive network of global partners and is proud to provide our clients with art advisory services anywhere in the world. We have access to expertise in New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, Johannesburg and Cape Town. This includes (insurance brokers, lawyers, restorers, appraisers, auction houses, galleries, dealers and fine art transport companies).
Mwimbi can handle any kind of art on your behalf, from paintings to modern installations. We document agreements in order to protect all parties involved. In an international, increasingly litigious marketplace it is paramount that expectations are managed and documented.

We provide an initial phone or face to face consultation free of charge. Art asset management contracts are retainer-based. For transactional work, we require a deposit which can be deducted from the commission we make on a purchase or sale conducted on your behalf. Our standard commission on a transaction is 10%.

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